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synaesthesia press
printer : publisher : bookseller

Founded by Jim Camp and Steve Fisher in 1991.

Steve Fisher named the press. We were on the phone at 4am or so (Steve’s normal hours to converse) and he told me we should start a press, and we should call it the synaesthesia press, and I immediately agreed, and when we hung up I ran to the dictionary to look up “synaesthesia”. You should, too.

As a letterpress printer and a publisher, I make whatever it is I like…and have time to manage.

As a bookseller, I generally specialize in good used books of a subversive nature. In other words, anything by or about Beatniks, Commies, Pinkos, and Reds; most artists are subversive by nature and love all things smutty, so I like art books and Artists’ Books; any smut and sleaze published before, say, 1970; outlaw poetry and prose; or anything you’d be embarrassed to show your mom.

synaesthesia press
3107 Beverly BLVD #2 : LA, CA : 90057
jim at synaesthesia dot net

You can stalk me on Twitter, if you’re so inclined.

The press has a Facebook page, too.

Feel free to send me something…anything, cause getting mail is the highlight of my day, except when it’s unsolicited work you’re looking to get published.