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Marketing to Men.

The Good Ole Days are a myth. They only exist in your mind. People are as creepy and perverted and weird as they’ve ever been — it’s human nature. The only difference between now and, say, 1956, is the dissemination of information. Which is to say our times are no more depraved or sick or […]

Johnny Brewton

06 Nov 2007 / 0 Comments / in Johnny Brewton

So I’m walking down Mission Street with Jack Micheline. It was the winter of ’96, I think. I had just met Jack a few weeks earlier at The Adobe Bookshop, where I had bought some of his paintings. We developed a fast friendship, probably cause whatever Jack handed me, I’d buy. Anyway, Jack brings up […]

Neeli Cherkovski — Johnny Marries Giselle

When Johnny Brewton married Giselle Orsolio, I approached Neeli Cherkovski to write a poem for the occasion. I had met Neeli few times earlier at his home in San Francisco, and he was always a gentleman. This made it easy to approach him about the project, and when I called him on the phone, I […]