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Jack Kerouac & The Brakeman’s Lamp

26 Dec 2009 / 0 Comments / in videos

Neal and Allen, part 3.

02 Dec 2009 / 0 Comments / in videos

Neal and Allen, part 2.

01 Dec 2009 / 0 Comments / in videos

Neal and Allen, part 1

30 Nov 2009 / 0 Comments / in videos

The Holidays, Allan Milkerit’s Books, and The Abandoned Planet.

I just learned Scott Harrison’s bookstore — Abandoned Planet — will close on at the end of year. According to the flier posted on his door, the landlords are “Communists”, and they’re not renewing his lease; it’s going to be their new meeting place. He’s been there 16 years. I’m not sure if he’s going […]

My Latest Masterpiece.

01 Nov 2009 / 0 Comments / in videos

When the guys from Digital Leather asked me about making a video of “Hurts So Bad” I was hesitant. I was hesitant for two reasons: what if I didn’t like the song? Can I actually make a music video? I agreed…but hesitantly. When I heard the song, I decided almost at once I loved it, […]

In Memorium: Steve Richmond

21 Oct 2009 / 0 Comments / in In Memorium

3 AM just posted that — according to Ben Pleasants — Steve Richmond has died. I met Steve once, and wrote to him a couple times. He lived in a small house right on the beach at Holister Street in Santa Monica. I was in Los Angeles to hear Ginsberg read at McCabes; it was […]

The Holy Glow that is Bob Dylan

Pin a gold medal on my chest for being the worst blogger west of Bakersfield. If you don’t believe me, just look at the recent posts: the last over a month ago; then, some cheap ones in July and May (videos posted here take me, like, 4 seconds to do); you have to go back […]

Pynchon returns.

Lee and Moon and Galaxie 500

A week ago, my little brother sent me a link to Lee Moses’s time and place. “I’m not big on downloading boots,” I said. He said something like, this record is impossible to find and it’s impossible not to love. He also said the reissue was so limited it’s impossible to find, too, and what’s […]