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In Memorium: Harold Pinter

25 Dec 2008 / 0 Comments / in In Memorium

In Memoriam :: Allan Milkerit

10 Jul 2008 / 2 Comments / in In Memorium

About 2 hours ago I found out my good friend Allan Milkerit died; he passed a little over a year ago. Allan was a San Francisco Bookman. Allan Milkerit taught me books. He was one of the best. I met him while I was in grad school; he was running the show on the third […]

In Memoriam :: Norman Mailer

10 Nov 2007 / 0 Comments / in In Memorium


Volta is my homage to Wallace Berman. It’s also an assemblage and a little magazine that’s published whenever I can make it happen. I named it after James Joyce’s one and only (failed) business venture — The Volta Theater at 45 Mary Street in Dublin. The Volta Theater was opened in 1909 and was Ireland’s […]

Johnny Brewton

06 Nov 2007 / 0 Comments / in Johnny Brewton

So I’m walking down Mission Street with Jack Micheline. It was the winter of ’96, I think. I had just met Jack a few weeks earlier at The Adobe Bookshop, where I had bought some of his paintings. We developed a fast friendship, probably cause whatever Jack handed me, I’d buy. Anyway, Jack brings up […]

Charles Bukowski — 4 Poets

the synaesthesia press published an essay on the state of American Poetry according to Mr. Charles Bukowski. It appeared in synaesthesia press chap book #2, 4 Poets. The chap book is long out of print. Bukowski wrote the essay in 1964. It was discovered in an old notebook that’s in the special collections department at […]

Billy Childish — The Strangest One of All

06 Nov 2007 / 0 Comments / in Billy Childish, Publications

Johnny Brewton introduced me to Billy Childish. Billy Childish is a musician/poet/artist. And, instead of writing something up here on my own, I took this straight from his website; check it out, as you can buy great stuff directly from Billy: “A cult figure in America, Europe and Japan, Billy Childish is by far the […]

Richard Brautigan — Four Poems

I was talking to my friend Mark at his bookstore in the Haight, St. Adrian. This was a long time ago. We talked about books. We talked about Kerouac or Bukowski or maybe the great things coming from X-Ray Press. I don’t recall. Then, we talked about Richard Brautigan. I do recall this, because as […]

Neeli Cherkovski — Johnny Marries Giselle

When Johnny Brewton married Giselle Orsolio, I approached Neeli Cherkovski to write a poem for the occasion. I had met Neeli few times earlier at his home in San Francisco, and he was always a gentleman. This made it easy to approach him about the project, and when I called him on the phone, I […]

a. di michele — The Mollifier

06 Nov 2007 / 0 Comments / in a. di michele, Publications

A. di Michele’s chap book The Mollifier was published November, 1996. When people ask me to describe it, I like to say, “Joycean HyperText”, cause that’s how a. di michele describes it, and who better to describe his own work but the author? When I say “Joycean HyperText”, they usually follow up with an unsure […]