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Roxie Powell — Wild Whispers

Robert Peters said of Roxie Powell’s first chapbook, Dreams of Straw, “anyone anxious for an original experience in poetry will love Dreams of Straw“. Non-workshop, non-Iowa, non-NY city-clever, non-anything. It’s rumored Allen Ginsberg carried one with him for years, and this is fact: Ginsberg paid for a second printing of the book. Roxie has published […]

Jim Pritchard — “The Neighbors” and “The Man With The Buzzer in His Throat”

06 Nov 2007 / 0 Comments / in Jim Pritchard, Publications

There’s lots to say — and as much to keep quiet — about Jim Pritchard. His story, The Neighbors, ended up being published as the very first synaesthesia press chapbook. As a publisher, I was heavily influenced by the beat chapbooks from the mimeo era, and that was the initial idea for everything the press […]

Henry Tokarski — To Sherri O’Brien From Morrell Park in Northeast Philadelphia

06 Nov 2007 / 0 Comments / in Henry Tokarski, Publications

The synaesthesia press has listings in a few directories soliciting a poem for chapbook consideration. While I’m not big on this sort of thing, who knows if the next Charles Bukowski is sitting in a cheap room pounding out poems and looking for a place to send them? So I keep the listings current, just […]