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Yea, I made a music video.

A man encounters a Glory Hole and falls deeply in love. But what happens when the one you love isn’t faithful? The band is Digital Leather. The song is “Hurts So Bad” from the record Warm Brother on Fat Possum Records.

When Shawn from Digital Leather asked me about making a video of “Hurts So Bad” I was hesitant. I was hesitant for two reasons: what if I didn’t like the song? Can I actually make a music video? I agreed…but hesitantly. When I heard the song, I decided almost at once I loved it, which wiped away the first fear.

And even now, almost 10 years later,  I’ll stand by my music-video-makin’ skills.

Pitchfork liked Warm Brother, too. But not as much as I did.


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