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Steve Fisher — Rock Salt & Glissandos

synaesthesia press paperback original #1 is Steve Fisher’s Rock Salt & Glissandos: Stories and Poems. For lack of a better term, it’s our first “real” book. Steve Fisher is one of the co-founders of the press. He was there from the start. In fact, he named the press. In addition to being a piano tuner, […]

Barry Gifford — “The Strangest One of All”, “The Lost Christmas” & “Elegies”

06 Nov 2007 / 0 Comments / in Barry Gifford, Publications

Barry Gifford has become a special friend of the press. Initially, he was kind enough to support Steve Fisher’s book with a back cover blurb. Mr. Gifford’s first chap book with the press, The Strangest One of All, is a short narrative about a visit he took to the Bunker — a one-time residence for […]

Denis Johnson — 4 Poets

06 Nov 2007 / 0 Comments / in 4 Poets, Denis Johnson

It’s 1990 — maybe 1991. I’m on the phone with a cat named Steve Fisher. We’re in some pretty serious talks about starting a publishing company. Steve makes a suggestion: “let’s call it the synaesthesia press.” “I’m all for that,” I said. Steve suggests we contact some writers we both admire and solicit them for […]

Tsaurah Litzky — Blessing Poems

Remember Joe Maynard’s Beet magazine? It was a small gem, published out of Brooklyn, New York, and I think I found a copy one day at Tower Records. Joe did a great job with Beet, and I wish it were still around. I first stumbled on to Tsaurah Litzsky and her “blessing poems” in Beet. […]

Joe Maynard — Grampa Odis

06 Nov 2007 / 0 Comments / in Joe Maynard, Publications

I’m not sure how or when I came across Joe Maynard. I’m positive I knew Beet before I knew Joe, and I’m thinking I got a hold of him after reading some of Tsaurah’s Blessing Poems in his little mag. We started a bit of correspondence not long after, and we kept it up for […]

Alan Catlin, Erroll Miller, & Jack Micheline — Bad, mad and dying

In 1997 the synaesthesia press published Bad, mad and dying — a limited edition chap book featuring three writers: Alan Catlin, Errol Miller, and Jack Micheline. There were three different editions: 26 copies were lettered and had a cover with an original painting by Micheline; 1 – 50 numbered copies were signed by all three […]

Harold Norse — Sniffing Keyholes

06 Nov 2007 / 0 Comments / in Harold Norse, Publications

From the Barry Miles book The Beat Hotel: Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Corso in Paris, 1957-1963, published by Grove: “…for a brief period — from just after the publication of Howl in 1957 until the building was sold in 1963 — it was home to Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Brion Gysin, Peter Orlovsky, Harold Norse, and […]

Tim O’Brien — Enemies and Friends

Enemies and Friends by Tim O’Brien — two short stories published in a single volume and constructed in the dos รก dos format. A chap book printed in a dos a dos format, 6″ by 7″, 6 pages per side. Each story originally appeared in The Things They Carried. This is their first separate publication. […]

Chris Offutt — A Dog & His Boy

06 Nov 2007 / 1 Comment / in Chris Offutt, Publications

I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since Chris Offutt’s A Dog & His Boy was published. Mr. Offutt’s story was published in a very small run of fifty copies; I don’t think we need to say it was over-sold upon publication. There were also six author copies that weren’t mentioned on the colophon, and […]

Charles Plymell — Journals From Lysidia

It would be tough to accurately describe Charles Plymell’s importance to the Beat Generation, as well as to little magazines and small press publishing. He lived with Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady in San Francisco in the early 1960s. It’s not enough to say he admired and was influenced by the Beats — his best […]